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ATENCIÓ: A partir del dia 1 d'octubre la biblioteca retorna a l'horari habitual:

TARDES: De dilluns a dijous de 16h a 19h.
MATINS: Dimecres de 10h a 13h

The collection of the Library of the Royal Academy of Sciences and Arts of Barcelona is a unique resource and of great importance for the study of the history of the Catalan and  Spanish science, particularly of the interesting second half of the XVIII century.

The total number of items, comprised of monographs, reprints, maps and serial publications, is approximately 36,000, which represents an estimated equivalent of 130,000 volumes.

The Library is complemented by the Historic Archive of the Academy, which contains the Book of Minutes, the documentation from the founding of the Physico-mathematical Council, the original manuscripts of the scientific communications from the XVIII and XIX centuries presented to the Academy by its membres,  projects, correspondence, architectural plans, etc.

At present, it is worth highlighting the importance of the bibliographical collection generated by the activities of the Academy itself or procedent from the donations of members and collaborators of the Academy.